Motivated by Christ to Move Out

Our Team

Julie Colburn

Julie is the Director of Next Generation Ministries at Move City Church, and is responsible for the oversight of ministries reaching children and students from 0 through 18 years of age.

Chris Pelletier (On Sabbatical)

Biography: I have been a member of MCC since 2012 after hearing about this unique body of believers from a friend who said “I met the pastor of a church today in the parking lot and he talked with me for an hour in that parking lot, I think we are going to attend there.”…

Marc Kaplan

Marc Kaplan has been married to his wife Sandy for 18 years.  They have three children and four grandchildren between them.  Marc has been a Family Physician in Sierra Vista for over 30 years, and is the owner of Administrative Solutions Unlimited. Marc and Sandy are charter members of Move City Church, and have been…

Larry Andrews

Welcome Everyone.  I want to personally welcome everyone to Move City Church.  I should be easy to recognize from every one else here at Move City.  I have a 100% white head of hair, short about 5’ 8” and shrinking, and a pot belly, well kind of as it is still growing.  Jane and I…

Sam Brady

So, what’s a bio, it’s a story, my story! I was schooled at home with my 7 siblings in the Rocky Mountains, did some college in Colorado, Insurance continuing education in AZ, Military education in Missouri. Grew up in radio with my family, learned guitar and led worship with my brothers and even made our own band called “Band of Brothers”. Did…

Tom Harvey

Tom has been a part of Move City Church from its earliest days, and was one of the original elders on the Elder Team at Move City Church.  He continues to faithfully serve on leadership at Move City Church, and is currently our “construction guru” as we revamp and update our campus!