Motivated by Christ to Move Out

Move Africa Giving

To set up online (recurring) giving for Move Africa Sponsor Children:
1. Go to our giving page.
2. Next, click the “to” section and select either Klokope Orphans or Kpevenu-Tsati Orphans.
3. Under the “Give” portion, please put your monthly contribution ($15 for one child, $30 for two children, etc).
4. Click in the occurrence portion and select “Regular.”
5. Enter the e-mail you have registered with Planning Center, or put in an e-mail that you would like registered with Planning Center Giving.
6. Click “Continue” and enter your payment information on the next page.

***If you wish to do a one-time gift up front to pay for the entire year or for half a year, you may click one-time in the “Occurrence” section.***
***Up front for one year: $180 for each child sponsored.***