Motivated by Christ to Move Out


Move City Church offers opportunities for students (ages 13-18 years old) to find authentic fellowship and relationships that will both encourage them and challenge them to become more like Christ each day.

What to Expect:

  • Move City Juniors – Ages 13-15:  Move City Church strives to teach our young teens about Jesus, and how Jesus’ example along with the examples of other characters in the Bible can help shape their character and lifestyle.  This is when the teens begin to learn how the Bible can shape their daily lives, how they can relate to the characters found in the Bible, and learn about the deeper meanings of stories they may have grown up hearing as children.  Move City Church works to help each student develop as a leader, allows them to ask tough/timely questions, and how they can share examples of God’s work in their own lives.  The goal is to build trust, help them make wise decisions, and help them understand the impact of a life with and without God at its core.
  • Move City Varsity – Ages 16-18:  Move City Church strives to help these teens become healthy, young adults by building excitement about Jesus and His love for them, encouraging them to share His love with their friends, and helping them become people who positively influence the lives of others.  Move City Church wants to create environments where students are willing to serve and give, grow deeper in their daily relationship with Jesus, and solidify their understanding of who Jesus is and how He equips them to move into the adult world that awaits them.  Move City Church hopes to send young adults into the world that are ready to stand for the Gospel and Christ, even when it is challenging.  This is the season where firm foundations are set, and Move City Church is honored to pour into each student that joins us!

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