Motivated by Christ to Move Out


Move City Kids exists to make sure each child is loved for who they are, that they grow to know Christ, and that they are motivated to move out into the world and serve Him.  Move City Church provides safe, fun, and exciting environments for kids from ages 0-12 years old.

What to Expect:

  • Move City Starters – Ages 0-2:  The main focuses are peace, comfort, protection, and nurturing.  Move City Church wants to provide a place where parents can feel comfortable leaving their children in our care.  As they grow in this stage, they will learn about who God is and what He has done.  They should be able to identify that God created the world and that He created them by the time they move on to the next age group.
  • Move City Littles – Ages 3-5:  The main focus is togetherness, primarily taught through sharing, caring, and treating one another like Jesus would what them to treat one another.  They will practice sitting and listening, and class will be approached through a schedule utilizing creative methods and hands on learning.
  • Move City Kids – Ages 6-10:  At this stage, the focus is on group participation and learning to work together.  Kids learn how to lead other kids, while creating long-lasting relationships.  The teaching is engaging, up-to-date on current topics important in society, and kids are taught to apply biblical principles to these topics.  Kids programming involves group set-ups, stations, different learning styles, and volunteer/peer relationship building.
  • Move City Switch – Ages 11-12:  At this stage, individuals are not yet prepared for the teen years, but they are growing out of being a “kid.”  They start to exert more independence and learn more about who they are, what they like, what they want to become, and more about what their dreams for the future are.  This stage is usually characterized by a sense of curiosity, and they begin to explore how God changes their lives.  Switch provides learning in a more small group based environment, where closer bonds are created with fellow “Switchers” and the volunteers.  Move City Church strives to create a healthy learning environment, encouraging questions, biblical competency, and understanding how the Bible applies to their daily lives.  This is a critical time where some may decide to follow Jesus for the first time.

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