Motivated by Christ to Move Out

Sponsorship and Development

Move Africa is an outreach ministry of Move City Church that has built a relationship with multiple villages in Ghana, Africa, to share the love of Jesus with them. With the help of our sponsors and the Move City Church congregation, we’ve been able to send teams to educate remote villages on community health, provide clean drinking water, build latrines and sponsor orphans. Through all of these practical efforts, our goal is to demonstrate the Gospel and bring peoples all over the world to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We thank God for His provision, guidance, and giving us a unique opportunity to exercise our faith and make a difference in the world one precious life at a time.

The Story

In the spring of 2015 a small team was sent from Move City Church to visit, teach, and show love in a few villages around the Volta Region of Ghana, Africa. This is an area still recovering from the crushing effects of AIDS, disease, lack of clean water, and extreme poverty. The conditions are especially hard on the children… many are left as orphans, but with your help they do not have to be left alone.

Move City Church has already been investing in the area for many years, and God has done amazing things – particularly in the village of Klokope. The team spent time in the region teaching about the love of God, and sharing the good news about Jesus. They were moved to commit to their hearts and resources to a village called Kpenu-Tatsi, and you are invited to join in making a lasting impact.

Through a consistent partnership based on a long-term relationship with Senyo Cudjoe, who is a local pastor in Ghana living in the city of Ho, we have built a proven track record of impact based on prayer, empowerment and simple acts of generosity.

Orphan Sponsorship

What your sponsorship provides:
We are committed to sponsoring each child until they turn 18 years old or until they get married, whichever comes first. We are asking you for $15.00 per month for a minimum commitment of 2 years.

Question: What does my sponsorship provide?
Answer: Your sponsorship provides health insurance, food supplies, school uniforms, books, clothing and other items the child may need. In Africa, a child cannot go to school unless they have a uniform.

Question: Can I write and receive letters from my child?
Answer: At this time, due to logistics, it is very hard to provide individual letters from sponsors to children and vice versa. We do receive updates regularly from our partner “Senyo” which we will post on the website. As we receive more information about the children, i.e. favorite hobbies, dreams and goals, we will communicate those to you so that you can continue to pray for them. This is a growing organization and we will continue to refine as we go along, please feel free to provide candid feedback at anytime, we appreciate it! Thank you for your interest and please keep the African children in your prayers.


Every donation helps us in our goal of helping the people in the remote villages of Ghana, Africa come to know Jesus and experience His love.  Would you consider donating on our giving page under the “Orphan Sponsorship” specified fund?

If you are interested in donating, please visit the giving page.

You can also find instructions on how to set up online giving here text message, or by text message here.