Motivated by Christ to Move Out

Life Counseling

Life Counseling – Counsel from one of our pastors or staff members is intended to provide sound biblical instruction and spiritual direction for the issues of life.  It is not intended to be professional mental health care or legal counsel.  Please note the following policies and practices:

  • Our pastors ans staff will never meet alone with someone of the opposite gender.
  • The pastor or staff person you speak with is neither licensed, nor have they received specialized training in medicine, psychiatry, psychology, finances, or law.
  • The counselor has the prerogative to establish a set number of counseling sessions, and then recommend further professional counseling if the need is beyond the scope of the
    counseling ministry at Move City Church.  The counselor may recommend certain licensed professionals, but any counseling conducted with that agency is not in any way
    affiliated with Move City Church, nor can Move City Church be held responsible for results of that counseling.
  • Counselors will honor the principle of disclosure of information only on a “need to know” basis.  It is, however, our policy to report to appropriate persons and legal authorities:
    evidence of child abuse, evidence of elder or dependent adult abuse, threat of physical harm to another, threat of grave, self-inflicted harm, and information that poses a threat
    of harm to the congregation and/or ministry of Move City Church.

To Schedule an Appointment: Call Move City Church – (520) 459-1649.